Mobilizing resources for research: opportunities for knowledge and career advancement

Dr. Akindele Olupelumi Adebiyi - MBchB, MPH, FMCPH

Coordinator of the College , Research and Innovation Management (CRIM) unit at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

The ability to progress in the field of public health and become local and global leaders of thought and practice is dependent on the capacity for creative outcomes. However, generation of creative outcomes is a function of systematic inquiry into phenomena and how internal and external factors interact in the real and imagined worlds.

Unfortunately, there is often a disconnect between those with the ability to generate and synthesize evidence and those who implement findings; a quite unnecessary dichotomy. In addition, most training curriculum in public health in LMIC are deficient in how to develop this critical skillset.

Often programmes that should facilitate the achievement of synergy of approach are expatriate led and focused on developing capacities for the successful implementation of funded projects.

This presentation looks at the different models of research and its applicability to the advancement of global health leadership in LMIC. A framework for actualizing public health research capacity development within training programmes is presented alongside resources that can be leveraged in creating a synergy between theory and practice. The importance of early formation of research groups is highlighted and the opportunities for trainees (post training) and their supporting institutions are laid out for adoption.